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Golf Academy

The Golf Academy at BlackSeaRama Golf & Villas is dedicated to a unique learning experience. Golf is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling sports but also one of the most difficult to learn and master on your own, without proper help and guidance. Our golf team does not spare any effort to make beginner love the game and get obsessed by it.

The academy offers a complete approach to the game, covering all aspects of it - starting from the basic rules and etiquette, terminology, going through full-swing, putting, course management, practice techniques, and getting to mental training, fitness for golfers and the appropriate equipment.

Bring out the best in your game

BlackSeaRama Academy's staff believes that golf has to be a pleasant time spent with nature while working on the physical and mental status of the body. As Mr Gary Player said once - This is the only sport that could be played for so many years from the age of 5 till you die!. Indeed golf could be enjoyed for a lifetime, and is most enjoyed when playing your best.

The Academy of Golf specialises in improving the golf game of people - male or female - of all ages and levels of ability, from complete beginners to scratch players. Whether your goal is to learn the game, to lower your handicap, or to win a championship, The Academy of Golf will help you achieve it.

Consulting is regularly done with leading sports psychologists, conditioning experts, researchers in biomechanics, and other leaders in the golf industry, to gain new insights into golf performance and in turn pass them on to you.

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