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Nearly 120 players from 15 countries participated in the fifth anniversary edition of the Cape Kaliakra Open tournament that was held from June 21 to 24, 2018. They were divided into three divisions according to the handicap and competed in three rounds of 18 holes. The game format for the best golfers in Division A was stroke play, and in the other two divisions - individual Stableford.

After the first and second rounds in Division A Stefan Ebner led confidently with 11 strokes, followed by Darius Podobea and Plamen Mitsanski. The last third round was held at the toughest of the three courses - Thracian Cliffs, where Ivaylo Bozhkov joined the three leaders. After extremely challenged 18 holes, there were serious changes in the top of the rankings. Thus, after the three rounds, the first three places were taken by Darius Podobea with a score of 226, Ivaylo Bozhkov with 231 and Stefan Ebner with 232.

In Division B Veselin Velev was leading with 71 points before the final third round, followed by Cristian Tardea with 69 and Yuriy Feridinov with 65. The final round was held at the BlackSeaRama Golf Course, where the wind made it hard for the participants and rearranged the ranking in the division. The winner was Todor Kostov (who ranked sixth before that) with 97 points, followed by Simeon Denkov with 96, who achieved the incredible 40 points in the last round. Yuriy Feridinov managed to keep the third position outplaying  Veselin Velev in the last round.

The players with the highest Handicap in Division C, the top three before the final round also climbed the winners' steps. Three ladies took the first places - Veronika Kalabzova with 95 points, followed by Zhanna Maksimchik with 94 and Daciana Somesfalean with 92.

The fifth edition of the tournament will be also remembered with the achievement of the 13-year-old Georgi Krastev, who made the Hole-in-one on the emblematic sixth hole of Thracian Cliffs. Unfortunately, it didn’t bring him the big prize - the BMW X2, which was prepared for Hole-in-one on the 14th hole at the Lighthouse Golf Course.

The winners received exquisite trophies and generous awards from the organisers and sponsors of the tournament - Kaliakra Golf, Giulian and Turkish Airlines.

In the Sardarov Cup, the international team recorded a third consecutive win.

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