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Gary Player Design

The personal participation of Gary Player in both the design and marketing process, together with the reputation and visibility of the Gary Player brand bring significant value to all facets of our projects.

"Over the past 50 years of playing professional golf, I have visited and studied most all of the great golf courses of the world and have been fortunate to apply my experience in the design of over 200 golf courses worldwide. The design of a golf course is a far more sophisticated process than many people would ever imagine, as it requires not only an understanding of the game but a great deal of vision and clever planning. To a large extent the topography of the land, one works with will determine how the golf course is to be laid out and in this regard, it is always my objective to work as much with the natural topography, environment and features of the site as is possible."

We promote a design philosophy, based on the combination of modern technology and traditional design principles. In every instance, we seek to design courses that are unique so that a golfer who finishes playing has had a very positive experience. Vision in design is all-important. The golfer must not only see all the hazards but also enjoy the various vistas that the topography offers. In this regard, the orientation of a hole is important not only to keep the sun out of a golfer's eye but also to create interesting and beautiful shadows.

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