Welcome to the upscale Wellness Center located next to Bell Tower Complex. Representing unique space for anybody who revels in luxury, relaxation and harmony.

BlackSeaRama Golf & Villas ensures quality spa treatments to help you perfecting your body and soul. Our team of therapists will satisfy all your needs by providing an abundant variety of body and facial massages and therapies. All our efforts are addressing your specific concerns and will leave a feeling of complete refreshment and relaxation.

Feel the power of the Black Sea with our selected elixirs and Spa treatments.
Pamper your body with wines, aroma of herbal water or essence of honey under the close attention and care of our specialists.

Let the forces of nature fill your body with energy. Eco products selected from the Black Sea region of Bulgaria will invigorate you. Choose from a range of 12 eco therapies with wine, peat, mud, honey, sea salts and herbs.

BlackSeaRama offers You extensive care for Your body providing manicure and pedicure services.

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