Wedding Menu

Wedding menu proposals season 2021, created by our chef Ivan Kirin. BlackSeaRama Golf& Villas offers you a free degustation for two of a menu of your choice!

ciabatta, butter, olive paste, sun-dried tomatoes salsa with olive oil

Garden salad
/tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, fresh pepper, olives, cow cheese, fresh herbs dressing/
Roasted pepper salad with eggplant mousse, cheese mousse, green beans
Millefeuille salad
/tomatoes, roasted zucchini, eggplant, mozzarella and mixed green leaves/
Baby Caprese salad
/cherry tomatoes, mini mozzarella, olives, quail eggs, arugula and pesto sauce/
Buffalo mozzarella salad
/peeled tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, artichoke, edamame/
Mixed green salad with smoked salmon, baby corn, Brie cheese, croutons and wild onion dressing

Spinach roll with smoked salmon
/cream cheese, tobico caviar, multigrained brouschetta, Wakame salad, cream-fresh lemon/
Quiche Lorraine /bacon, onion and cream/
Duck liver terrine
/green figs confit, blackberries, blueberries, brouschetta with herbal olive oil/
Beef carpaccio
/Aioli sauce, marinated round peppers, truffle oil, mushrooms/
Foie gras served with red fruits confit and onion chips

Main Courses
Cod fish fillet
/white asparagus, potatoes rosti and mussels ragout/
Salmon fish fillet
/Spanish omelette, green asparagus, celery mousse,
braised tomatoes and Hollandaise sauce
Chicken Supreme
/vegetable cake, ragout of porcini mushrooms/
Rabbit leg sous vide
/eggplant quiche with goat cheese, prunes confit and honey glazed chalot/
Duck leg confit
/pumpkin mousse, onion chips, vegetables samsa/
Pork knuckle sous vide
/baby potatoes, carrots and celery, dark sauce/
Pork neck
/roasted potatoes, roasted corn, roasted pumpkin, dark sauce/
Beef knuckle sous vide
/mashed potatoes with spinach, root vegetables, dark sauce/
Beef fillet
/goose liver langet, sweet potato mousse, prunes with goat cheese in bacon/
Lamb knuckle
/potato salad with peas and artichoke, baked tomato, onion and parsley/

After meals
Camembert cheese with crispy crust, fig confit, Irish coffee film and sesame cookie
Crispy mozzarella with corn crust and blue berry confit
Cheese selection
/Brie, Parmesan, Mimolett, Blue cheese, Gouda/
Mixed nuts
/almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, cashew/
Cold cuts selection
/cured meat, fillet Elena, Prosciutto, Salchichone/

Vegetarian options
Zucchini balls, green asparagus with sauce Hollandaise and yoghurt bonbon with dried olives
Ragout of wild mushrooms and white asparagus in zucchini
Quiche with mushrooms and spinach, emulsion of black pepper and goat cheese

Main Courses
Parmigiana – eggplant with mozzarella and tomato sauce
Risotto with porchini mushrooms and dried tomatoes
Stuffed vegetables - tomatoes with ratatouille, zucchini with risotto, mushrooms with Blue cheese

Kids menu
Choice of salads
Salad of peeled tomatoes with cheese
Salad of cucumbers with cheese

Choice of main courses
Chicken fillet with French fries
Baby meatballs with mashed potatoes
Burger with French fries
Fish fingers with French fries

Wedding cake
Special gift - Puzzle BlackSeaRama with 108 pieces

Wedding cake
Raspberry cake
/sponge cake with cacao ganache, mascarpone mousse with coconut, raspberry confit and white chocolate/
Strawberry cake
/sponge cake with champagne mousse and strawberry confit/
Chocolate cake with peanut butter
/mocha chocolate mousse, banana mousse, cacao ganash, cocoa wafers/
Orange cake
/sponge cake with orange chocolate, pistachio mousse, vanilla mousse/
Blueberry cheesecake
/Mascarpone, cream cheese, blueberry/

Any additional decoration is subject to extra payment!

Wedding reception candy bar
French macaron
petit fours mix
walnuts pie
chocolate trilogy
cheese cake
sacher cake
crème brûlée
chocolate mousse
seasonal fruits on skewer
seasonal fruits
chocolate fountain

All dishes are prepared with seasonal vegetables from our eco-gardens.

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