Dear Golfers,

On the 28th and 29th October 2013, aeration of the greens will take place at BlackSeaRama. 
Therefore, on 28.10. players will be able to start only from the 10th tee, and on 29.10. - from 1st tee only. 

The greens are putting so perfect and true.  Why do we aerate? 

We are convinced that many golfers think that aeration is carried out simply to upset them, but there are many benefits to be gained by carrying out an effective aeration and these include:

• To relieve compaction within the soil.
• To help restructure poor soil.
• To improve drainage.
• To provide a healthy environment for strong rooting, therefore improving wear tolerance and drought tolerance.
• To help increase the microbial population within the soil.
• To relieve stagnation and prevent the formation of black layer.
• To help absorb top-dressing material into the upper profile without layering.
• Correcting / preventing dry patch.
• Reducing the incidence of disease.
• Improving the effectiveness of irrigation.
• As a precursor to over-seeding.
• Aid penetration of chemicals such as wetting agents and lumbricides.

Consider also that aeration is merely a short-term disruption that has long-term benefits for BlackSeaRama signature golf course.

Thank you for the understanding.

Best regards,

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