Taste Explorers: Bulgarian Buffet every Wednesday in August

Visiting a foreign country means to experience it by exploring its nature, discovering its culture and tasting its local flavors.  BlackSeaRama Golf & Villas would like to give you a warm Welcome to Bulgaria with a Traditional Buffet, available every Wednesday in August / 19:00-22:00/ at the Clubhouse Bistro. Feel our hospitality and enjoy our authentic dishes as Shopska salad, Lyutenitsa, Sarmi, Mousaka and many others. The Buffet price is 20 € per person and does not include beverages.

The Bulgarian National Cuisine is rich and diverse just like the history of that country bringing together the culinary skills of many people that crossed its lands – Greek, Thracians, Romans, proto-Bulgarians, Slavs, Turks, etc.
The five-century domination of the Ottoman Empire also left a profound imprint on the Bulgarian cuisine – the use of more piquant spices, onion and garlic, the introduction of the oriental techniques of cooking and the wide use of fresh and tinned vegetables. Many Balkan dishes for example mousaka, gyuvech, kebap, sarmi, syrupy desserts such as baklava, kadaif, etc. actually come from the Turkish cuisine.

Bulgarians are very fond of vegetables. Grown under the bright Bulgarian sun, vegetables provide not only many vitamins and minerals, but they also offer a great variety of flavours. There are many  vegetable specialities, which is worth trying, like kyopoolu (made of baked eggplant and pepper mashed into a puree and flavoured with garlic, cooking oil and vinegar) or lyutenitsa (tomato and paprika spread).
Curiously, Shopska salad's most prominent colours are white (the cheese), green (the cucumbers) and red (the tomatoes and peppers), which match perfectly to the colours of the Bulgarian national flag.

Tasty and distinctive the Bulgarian cuisine will sharpen your appetite and turn you admirer for life. By combining the culinary traditions of many nations, it will present you a colourful tale about the history and the folklore of the Balkans.