Pro Tip April 2013

Dear Golfers,

This month I would like to give you a little tip about the short game:

When you go to the driving range,the first thing to do is warm up your body. Then start with chipping. Take time and make sure you do the basics:

Grip, Aim and Posture.

Start with five balls close the chipping green and start chipping , trying to take some different clubs for example irons 7,8,9 and PW.

The stance is: feet closer together than with a normal swing and the ball position is right of centre.

Do not play all balls to the same hole but play five different holes with different distances so you get the feeling for the motion for those distances.

Start this practice with the Y motion, so only a little bodyturn and do not use the wrists or hands.

Wish you nice practice.

Kind regards,

Wim Koudijs 
Golf Director/Head PRO
BlackSeaRama Golf & Villas