2nd State Team Club Championship 2014

After a tough game the team of St. Sofia Golf Club & SPA won the State Club Championship and qualified for the European Men's Club Trophy that would take place from 23 till 25 of October at Pravets Golf Club. The top 3 players of St.Sofia Golf Club, Pravets Golf Club, Pirin Golf & Country Club, BlackSeaRama and Lighthouse golf resort compete against each other in a 2 round tournament that was held on the golf courses in Pravets and St. Sofia. A lovely weather and great emotions were part of this great for the year event and left a lot of good memories for all the players. The Bulgarian Golf Association would like to thank to all participants and especially to the teams from Black Sea who traveled all the way for the event. 


1. St. Sofia Golf Club & Spa 155 151 306
2. Pirin Golf & Country Club 162 147 309
3. Pravets Golf Club 160 162 322
4. BlackSeaRama 178 164 342
5. Lighthouse Golf Resort 175 174 349

Source: Bulgarian Golf Association