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Culinary moments: September with a scent of ginger, lemon herb and wild garlic

Let’s seasoning the month with an explosive taste of ginger, refreshing lemon-lime aroma and incredibly pungent smell in the wild. The BlackSeaRama Clubhouse Bistro invites you throughout the month of September to extend your culinary experience beyond ordinary tastes and flavors. Take this delicious challenge and enjoy our special three-course menu with a glass of white, rose or red wine for 18 eur.

Ginger- fresh, biting, and slightly sweet 

Aromatic, pungent and spicy, ginger adds a special flavor and zest to many fruit and vegetable dishes. Ginger crosses cultures and culinary boundaries and has an appeal that is working its way into every cuisine and type of specialty food. From savory to sweet, ginger is taking its fragrant and heated reputation to new levels by harmonizing dishes and challenging palates.

Chef Kirin recommends: Chicken fillet with ginger, potato salad with champignon mushroom and wild garlic

Lemongrass - zesty, slightly spicy, lemon flavor

Fresh, fragrant and flavoursome, lemongrass adds body and a touch of the exotic to meals without overpowering or dominating the flavour profile of a dish.
Herbs can magically flavor up dishes without resorting to loads of salt, butter, and cheese. Adding a little green to a meal not only makes it prettier and tastier.

Chef Kirin recommends: Thai soup with chicken, shrimps and lemon herb

Wild garlic - powerful аroma

Its flavour may be more gentle than a conventional cloves, but wild garlic adds a sweet pungency to many dishes. Over the past couple of years, however, appreciation of wild garlic has become more widespread.

Chef Kirin recommends: Salad with wild garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers and bruschetta, yogurt sauce with lemon herb