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Taste Explorers in October: Delicious Europe

When it comes to good eating, Europe is a food lover's wonderland. From the warm waters of the Mediterranean to the frigid Finnish frontier, spanning Spanish plains in the west to Russian steppes in the east, Europe encompasses a dizzying diversity.
Experience the soul of European culture, history and traditions through its food. 

During this tasty October, our Chef Kirin and his culinary team invite you to visit the Clubhouse Bistro and to delight in exploring Europe's very best — from the Spanish Patatas Bravas and Paella to the German Duck leg with sauerkraut, and from the Italian Panettone to the Austrian Apfelstrudel with vanilla ice-cream.  Enjoy our special 3-course menu with a glass of white or red wine for 18 €. Taste your way throughout this Delicious Europe by selecting your preferred dishes.

Eating well is living well.