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Culinary moments: The art of food

There is no sincere love than the love of food. In 2017 we invite you to explore new recipes and discover new tasting horizons. With selected ingredients and organic products, BlackSeaRama Chef Kirin and his team have prepared a new selection of culinary temptations. Combining imagination and cooking technologies, they are creating masterpieces that will allure your senses.

Follow your culinary desires and taste our new specialties. The Clubhouse Bistro is launching new lunch menu and updated Golfers’ Choice menu. For dinner, guests will enjoy delicious new recipes and selection of wines and beverages.

For the fine dining lovers, our Steak House invites you to experience the art of tasting with our special 6-course degustation menu at a promotional price of 30€. Indulge in the explosion of flavours and the specially selected premium dishes – a feast for the most exquisite taste and all the senses.

The seasonal restaurants Pizzeria La Campana and Lake Taverna will welcome its guests in May with newly menus, entertainment programs and great surprises.