Golf Calendar 2021

In 2021 our golf program will feature once again its most signature events, for which we will as usual try to provide generous prizes – the four rounds of the Club’s league Friends of BlackSeaRama, the 13th edition of BlackSeaRama Pro-Am, the summer tournament Black&Light, etc. Undoubtedly, the most exciting event will be the first Gary Player Signature Bulgarian Amateur Open Championship, which will be played on the two courses designed by the Black Knight – BlackSeaRama and Thracian Cliffs. More details and registration forms will follow in the next few weeks, and in the meantime, save the last week of May for this event.
After it comes the summer with an abundance of exciting experiences at the Club. The culinary fiesta with the participation of some famous chefs goes on, the summer cinema will amuse kids and parents, Lake Taverna will be a stage for parties under the stars… And the remaining months before the summer start we will use to prepare some surprises and new menus and to refresh the look of the resort.