The Coast

The eastern Bulgarian coast is washed by the Black Sea - 380 km marvellous stretch of beaches, calm and safe sea, clear water and healthy air, fine golden sand and natural dunes. The Bulgarian Black Sea coast it is a magnet for millions of Bulgarians and foreign visitors every year. The welcoming climate from late May to late September with average air temperatures of 25 Celsius (82 Fahrenheit) and sea temperatures of 25 Celsius (77 Fahrenheit), the beaches with fine golden sands and the modern resorts are becoming increasingly popular each year. The Black Sea coast is also one of the best spa areas in the country where the combination of sea climate, mineral baths, hot springs, and curative mud adds to the possibilities of holiday enjoyment.


Balchik is a 2,600-year-old town and was formerly a Hellenic-Byzantine fortress. It is a small, romantic Bulgarian seaside town located on the Black Sea coast. The town is attractive to tourists as its ancient atmosphere has been preserved for centuries now. It is interesting to walk along and observe the Tatar Quarter with the pebbled streets and the houses made of stone and adobe. The old palace, built in 1924 at the request of the Romanian queen Maria, is in the middle of a rich botanical garden.


Albena has a 7 km long, 150 m wide beach which lies in a picturesque bay surrounded by splendid green forests and a climate that is perfect for outdoor sports. Albena has more than 100 catering establishments to suit a wide variety of taste and price points, ranging from top class restaurants to fast food outlets, small cosy spots right on the shore, bars and discos, taverns and folk-style places.


One of the biggest tourist resort complexes along the northern coastline, Golden Sands (locally known as Zlatni Piasaci) is famous for its healing, hot water mineral springs as well as for its beautiful 4 km stretch of fine sandy beach. Golden Sands offers the whole family ideal holiday conditions with plenty of entertainment, sporting activities, warm and clean water, year round luxury hotels and villas, restaurants, bars, and spa treatments.


Varna is known as Bulgaria's Seaside Capital and the "Pearl of the Black Sea Coast". The town is arranged in tiers along the curve of Varna Bay, and besides being a popular beach resort, it rivals the important cities of Sofia and Plovdiv in its wealth of museums, art galleries, historical buildings and cultural entertainment, and as such is a year round holiday destination.